How to search for honest book reviews

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As a fervid book reader I have always wanted my To-Read list to be full of good books. But while adding any particular book to this list, I have faced a dearth of honest book reviews.

In this age and era of fake news, it is not difficult to boost the ratings of any creative piece of work. In doing so good work often gets lost out in the depths of the Internet. Even relying on the best-seller list is not always the best strategy. I’ve often seen that the best-seller charts are not always filled with books of the highest quality. These charts are only what they claim – to list out books that are selling more than others. And over the years, I have learnt that not all books that are best sellers are necessarily due to their quality. Now I’m not saying that all best seller charts are rigged. Far from it. I often rely on best seller charts as a starting point to research my next reads.

However in order to add a book to my To-Read list, I have to read atleast a few reviews by like-minded people. In doing so I rely on a few well-known and trusted sites to give me unbiased and honest reviews. In order to simplify my search everytime I want to add a book to my To-Read list, I created a custom search engine that searches for book reviews in these sites and gives out a filtered set of results. The sites that are currently part of this search engine include,,, and a few others.

Try the search engine out below and let me know how you feel about these results. Do comment if you have any particular book review site that you use regularly and feel should be added to the search engine.

Book Reviews Search Engine